Travel Terms and Conditions(Online Reservation)

If you use our Online Reservation System(hereinafter referred to as "Reservation System") to apply for a travel arrangement with KNT-CT Global Travel Co., Ltd. the following terms and conditions apply.
*Our primary travel terms and conditions comprises of “the statement explaining trade terms" and “the contract document" stipulated in Article 12(4), and Article 12(5) of the Travel Agency Law. In addition, these terms are in accordance with the "standard travel industry agreement<travel contract arrangement>".

1. Travel Arrangement Contract

(1)These travels are arranged by KNT-CT Global Travel Co., Ltd.(Tokyo-to Shinjuku-ku Nishi-Shinjuku 2-6-1 Tourism Agency Registered Travel Agency No.2040, hereinafter referred to as "the Company".), and a customer who wishes to request a travel arranged by the Company must abide the travel arrangement contract(hereinafter referred to as "travel agreement").
(2)The travel agreement is the contract of the commitment between the customer and the company that is requested by the customer for travel services which the customer will receive by our company or our subcontract company to arrange transportation, accommodation and other services related to the customer’s travel.
(3) The contents and conditions for travel contract is by this travel agreement and our travel agent contract (called our company's travel contract).
(4) Our company requests customer to pay for transportation and accommodation fees, other fees (called travel fees), and other travel handling fees (called handling fees) for arranging a customer’s travel.
* For information concerning handling fees, please view the Charge Chart for Travel Services table.
(5) When our company arranges customer’s travel with the care of a great administrator, we will fulfill our obligations as stated in the travel contract. Therefore, customer is required to pay handling fees even if our company completes our services without a completed travel contract for transportation, accommodation, and other travel services. This applies to cases in which seats were sold out, transportation services were suspended, and when terms and conditions were not met.
(6) Customers and our company make an "electronic agreement" which allows "partner credit card company"accept payment of travel fees and etc from the customers with valid credit card without the customers’ signatures.
* You must agree to the "Credit Card Terms of Use" in order to make an electronic agreement.

2. Submission of Contract and Date of Contract Establishment

(1)Application for a travel arrangement is made by entering the necessary information into the company's Reservation System upon agreeing to the displayed terms and conditions.
(2) The travel agreement is complete when our company receives the customer's agreement to the contract and receives the customer's payment. According to Article 1 in “Credit Card Terms of Use," the electronic agreement will be completed at the time the credit card payment is made.
(3) Soon after the travel contract is established, we will send to the customer: the travel itinerary, the travel service contents, and the contract documents, describing other travel terms and conditions as well as the facts concerning our company's responsibilities via E-mail. However, concerning all of the travel services we arrange, when you hand over a document displaying the rights to receive other offerred travel services, hotel lodging, or flight ticket types, it is possible that our company may not give you the above-mentioned agreement in writing.

3. Registration Conditions

(1) If the customer is under 20 years old at the time of registration, parental consent is required.

(2)For traveling minors, please check the conditions of all travel services they plan to use, including transportation, accommodation, entry into the host country, etc. beforehand. Sometimes it may be charged extra fee or limitation of usege due to local law, accomodation rules, transportation rules.
(3)Customers that are currently sick, are pregnant, or have a handicap and need physical assistance should please let us know at the time of registration.
For the safe and smooth trip, our company may request the customers travel with companion and we may refuse the registration for some cases.
(4) If the customer is recognized as a member of a gang organization, associate of a gang organization, or a member of some other antisocial group, or if the customer makes violent requests and unfair requests, uses threatening speech and conduct to our company, or is violent to our company, or if the customer makes our company lose trust or interferes with our business by spreading rumors, using a fraudulent means, or using similar ways, our company may refuse to complete the travel contract agreement.
(5)We may also refuse to complete the travel contract agreement when our company deems it necessary for any other reason.

4. Payment of Travel Price and Airport Taxes and Fees

(1) The travel price is, which our company uses to prepare travel services, includes the transportation fee, accomodation fee, other travel items fees and our company's set handling fee (excludes change fee and cancellation fee).
(2) Airport taxes, airport usage fee, aviation insurance fee, and fuel surcharge (called airport taxes and fees) are included in travel price. The collected amount will be vary depending on if the airline ticket fare is for an adult, child, or infant.
(3) The customer is required to make a payment for the total amount of the travel price by the due date and payment method that our company specified. However, there are cases in which the payment due date is expedited and is earlier than the original due date because of the airline or hotel's circumstances.
(4) The customer is required to pay all necessary fees such as the travel price and the various airport taxes.
(5) There are cases where a customer is required to pay the total amount of traveling fee which includes handling fees, taxes, and other additional fees when the customer makes a reservation for an international flight or hotel reservation.
(6) There are cases where if a customer cancels their international flight or hotel reservation that was part of a travel package, the discount for the travel package may no longer be applied. In this case, our company will request the customer to pay additional fees.

5. Change in Travel Price

(1) The travel price may increase before the trip starts because our company must update the travel price and airport taxes and fees due to increasing transportation and accommodation fees, exchange rate fluctuations, revising and establishing of airport taxes and fees, and other fees which our company has no responsibility over. In this case, customer is still required to pay the balance of the travel price and airport taxes and fees(whether they increase or decrease).
(2) If the customer cancels the reservation because of increasing airport taxes and fees or newly established airport taxes and fees, our company still requires the customer to pay the cancellation fee and cancellation handling fee.
(3) In the case that there is a discrepancy in the fees related to transportation and accommodation and other handling fees and the fees our company receives from the customer, our company calculates and settles the travel price soon after customer completes their trip.
(4) If the customer uses only a portion of a flight reservation before getting approval from the airline they are using(such as abandoning the return flight), the one-way ordinary airfare or the difference between the appropriate and round-trip airfare may be charged instead. The customer is responsible for paying the difference.

6. Changing Contract Details

After completing the travel contract, making any changes to the travel dates, travel services, and other contents within the travel contract requires the customer to first cancel the current contract and establish a new contract. In such a case, the conditions under Section 7 "Cancellation of Travel Contract"(1) will be applied.

7. Cancel the Contract

(1) Any cancellation of contract by customer The customer can cancel all or a part of the travel contract at anytime by paying the additional fees below. Please press the Cancel Reservation button to proceed. However, if the Cancel Reservation button isn't displayed, please submit a cancellation request to our company via e-mail.
1. Customers who have already paid for flight/hotel services, the contract breach fee, and the cancellation fee affected by services they haven't received yet, will pay for the fee for travel services provided to the customer already.
2. Our company's set cancellation fee as well as the handling fee, our company is supposed to be paid for travel arrangement.

* Regulations concerning cancellation and the cancellation fees vary by the travel services you applied for (ticket type, etc.). Please view Cancellation Fee Information (Online Reservation).

(2) Contract cancellation due to a customer's matters
Our company may cancel the travel arrangement contract because of the reasons below. 1. When the customer does not make their payment for the travel contract by the due date
2. When the customer has agreed to the electronic agreement contract but the customer cannot pay for all or a part of travel contract with their credit card due to reasons such as using an invalid credit card, etc.
3. When one of the following clauses from #2 to #4 is applied to the customer. When the travel contract is cancelled because of reasons #1 to #3 from clause 2, customers who have already paid for flight/hotel services, the contract breach fee, and the cancellation fee affected by services they haven't received yet, or customers who still hold the responsibility for paying for the above mentioned services, must still pay our company's set cancellation fee.
(3) Contract cancellation due to our company's matters
The customer can cancel the travel contract if the travel arrangement cannot be made because of our matters. In this case, our company will refund the balance. We will refund the balance that the customer has already paid for the flight/accommodation, or we will subtract the balance that the customer would have paid.
(4) When the customer cancels the travel contract due to regulation #1, our company will refund the travel price to the customer and deduct the remaining balance the customer would have paid. In this case, the customer will be responsible for fees regarding refunds.
(5)When the customer has agreed to the electronic agreement contract but the travel contract was cancelled due to a reason that permits for a refund, our company will refund the customer via the customer's registered credit card company. Also, if the customer is to pay a cancellation fee/penalty fee, the appropriate amount will be withdrawn without signature by the customer's registered credit card company upon the release of contract. In these cases, the date our company sends or receives the appropriate funds will be the date our company notifies the customer via e-mail or phone about the total amount of the funds.
※Regarding the refund of travel price after CCCF's credit card calculations, the clause 5 on "Credit Card Terms of Use" will be applied.

8. Warning for Hotel Changes/Cancellations

(1) The change/cancellation fee varies with each hotel and date. When confirming the reservation's information, please be sure to check the applicable change/cancellation fees. Also customers can check change/cancellation fees on the "Reservation Confirmation/Change/Cancellation" page anytime after completing their reservation.
(2) The customer is charged a cancellation fee for all of the nights they intended to stay if they do not notify the hotel that they will not show up on time to check-in and then miss one night of lodging(no-show).
(3) If the customer wants to make changes to the reservation for the following reasons after reservation completed, they need to cancel original reservation and then make new reservation.
a. Change the hotel
b. Change the duration of stay
c. Change the number of rooms, room categories, and room types
d. Change the guests"
"(4) Changes/cancellations usually cannot be made after departure. If a customer has to make an unavoidable change/cancellation, please contact us by using our reservation system or by e-mail. (Please confirm the call center's business days, business hours, contact information, and etc. The cancellation fee may vary depending on the date the customer makes the request.) If the customer has already departed, the customer may be charged for all of the travelling fees and will not be charged the change/cancellation fee.
(5) Even if you are not able to stay at a hotel due to transportation suspension, transportation delay, etc. you will generally be subjected to a cancellation fee.
(6) The change/cancellation fee above is based on the date our company received the request. If the customer requests change/cancellation to our call center outside of our business hours, the recorded date(which the cancellation fee will be based on) will be the following day when our call center can proceed with the customer's request.

9. Our Company's Responsibility

(1) Our company will compensate for a customer's losses or damages that were intentionally or negligently made by us or our subcontract company who arranges all or a part of the travel on behalf of us (called arrangement agent). However, the customer must notify us within 2 years from the following day of the incident.
(2) Disclaimers Our company does not compensate a customer for losses or damages that were NOT intentionally or negligently made by us or the arrangement agent. The following are examples.
a. If a departure flight is cancelled or itinerary is changed by natural disasters, wars, riots, flight delays or workers on strike.
b. If a reservation of the flight or hotel is cancelled or boarding or lodging is rejected due to overbooking.
c. If a reservation of the flight is cancelled because customer did not reconfirm departure or return flight at least 72 hours before flight.
d. If a customer cannot check-in or cannot board because the customer was late to check-in.
e. If a customer cannot board or cannot enter/leave the country due to Japanese or other countries immigration regulations because their passport will expire soon or they lack the proper visa.
f. If a customer is refused boarding because the name listed on the flight ticket is different than the name listed on the passport.
g. If a customer misses their flight and doesn't board their planned flight, so their flight becomes invalid and then everything in their reservation after that flight is cancelled.
h. If a customer fails to read important information regarding contract details sent by e-mail and is charged a cancellation fee.
i. If a customer gets damaged because of the matters which are outside of our company's or our subcontract company's responsibility.

10. Customer Actions Before Departure

(1) It is the customer's responsibility to acquire a passport, visa, re-entry form, and other documentations necessary for your trip, and create documents for immigration. However, our company can provide assistance services for all or a part of those processes, if a customer makes another contract with our company and pays an additional charge. In this case, our company does not take any responsibility for failing to acquire a visa or passport due to customer's issue. In the case customer requests the travel procedures from another travel agency, the responsibility of travel procedures on the contract is taken by that agency.
(2) Please visit the "Quarantine and Infectious Disease Information Home Page by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare" to check the hygienic conditions of your travel destination.
(3) Please visit the International Travel Safety Information Page by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for international warning information and other information of your travel destination.

11. Customer's Responsibility

(1) If we receive any damages caused by customers whether intentional or by negligence, we request conpensation from customers.
(2) Customers are required to understand the contract and their rights and obligations by carefully reading the information provided by our company when they agree to the contract.
(3) In order to process travel services more smoothly, we ask that customers contact our company, our subcontract agencies, and other agencies that provide services when they believe the travel services provided to you during your trip differ from what is described in the travel contract.
(4) If a customer uses only one portion of their round-trip flight(customer boards their departing flight but intentionally does not board their return flight; essentially making it one-way trip) without notifying the airline, the airline may require the customer to pay the regular price of the one-way flight ticket or the difference of the normal price and original discounted price. In the latter case, we request the customer to pay the difference.

12. Privacy Policy

(1) We shall provide any personal information to third parties which we subcontract for providing our services, such as airlines, hotels, arrangement companies, insurance companies, and etc.. We shall use personal information for these cases providing general insurance from insurance companies which we subcontract, relative services of insurance, sending documents for travel to customers, and requesting customers' feedback.
(2) We shall not provide any third party with personal information without obtaining prior consent of the owner of such personal information, except for the following cases required by any law or regulation: a. If we obtained the consent or agreement of the owner of the information to disclose b. If required by travel agencies, insurance companies, and other companies related to our services to disclose minimum personal information for providing travel service. c. If required by the police, judicial institution, tax office or other similar authorities to disclose
(3) Please understand in advance that if customers do not provide personal information or provide lack of information, they may not be able to use our services or items.
(4) Customers can request to disclose, alter, suspend the use of, or delete his/her Personal Information. Please contact our call center or privacy management office.
For more details on how we manage customers' private information, please read our "Privacy Policy".

13. Other Notices

(1) Customers will be responsible for paying our company's handling fee if they cancel their reservation and are able to receive a refund. Excluding those who have agreed to their travel electronic agreement contract online, we will send the refund directly to your bank account.
(2)Please make sure that the customer's name is spelled exactly as it is shown on their passport. Please be aware that a correction of name's spelling, age, gender and replacement of travelers will result in a cancellation and the customer will be charged for a cancellation handling fee.
(3) Regarding an airline's FFP(Frequent Flier Program), we bear no responsibility for the customer's membership in their airline's FFP. Please be sure to check the policies regarding FFP on your own.
(4) We cannot promise that your seating request will be fulfilled and our company bears no responsibility for this service.
(5)Other services, services within the airplane, and the quantity of carry-on luggages may be different by each airlines and our company does not take responsibility for these services. For more details, please contact the respective airlines.
(6) Regarding room reservations
- There are cases where your room happens to have 2 beds even when you only reserved for a single bed room.
- There are cases where you reserved a twin room that should have two beds but your room actually contains one king size bed or queen size bed. We can take requests for bed types, but please understand your request may not be fulfilled due to the hotel or the period of lodging.
- For reserving a triple room, we can tell the hotel that you have requested an additional bed, but please understand in advance that there may not be 3 beds due to the hotel's conditions and the number of beds the hotel holds.
- Room for 4 to 6 people: This is the maximum number of people able to stay in a room. This number is not the same as the number of beds in the room, so please understand that NOT all of the people staying in this room will be be able to use beds.
- The room will be narrower than usual because of the additional bed (sofa bed or folding bed can be set as the additional bed). We recommend for you to reserve additional room for a more pleasant experience.
- There are cases in which the sofa bed is still set up as a sofa and not a bed, or the folding bed will be brought in later (folding beds are usually brought in during the evening). If you have a question regarding the sofa bed or folding bed, please ask the hotel front desk.
- Depending on the hotel, you may be charged for additional bed fee. In this case, please pay the fee at the hotel front desk.
- If additional people are going to stay with you (and they were not part of the original reservation), you may be required to pay additional fee based on the hotel's regulations.
※Regarding the hotel rooms or additional bed requests, your requests will be sent to the hotel, but please understand in advance that your requests may not be accepted due to the hotel conditions or time of lodging.

Travel Terms and Conditions / Criteria for Travel Price

These travel terms and conditions are accurate as of2017/05/10. The travel prices are in accordance with official airfare and regulations as of 2017/05/10.


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