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Flight Reservation Cancellation Fee Information

  • If you cancel your reservation after completing the travel contract agreement(payment), you will be charged a cancellation fee.
  • Handling fees cannot be refunded after completing the travel contract agreement(payment).
  • If you must change the contents of your travel contract after completing the agreement for any reason such as changing the dates, travel services, etc., you must first cancel the current travel contract and establish a new one.

Purchase Excursion Fare (PEX)

Cancellation Fees <Per person>

After Contract Agreement(Payment) 100% of Travel Price


  • If you wish to cancel, please request via the [Cancellation] section of the Reservation Confirmation page. However, if you submit your request outside of business hours(Japan Time), your request will be answered within the next business day.
  • The information on this page does not apply to planned tours, hotels, and various passes.
  • After departure, if your travel class is downgraded by the airline or the customer's own reasons, the price difference cannot be refunded.
  • After departure, if the customer causes the travel arrangement to change(due to course change, unused return flight, etc.), you may be charged additional fees upon returning to the country.
  • Consumption tax is included in the cancellation fee above.


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